Pro Rig Comparison

Ever seen a garage drummer's set compared to a touring drummer's set? You know, the kid with 17,000 drums and cymbals so he can look like he's drumming for Rush vs the guy with a 4 piece kit, a crash, a ride and a hi-hat? That's what I'm talking about here.

Last week, I posted a run-down of my pedalboard. I've been wanting to scale back a bit, so when I saw one of my favorite bands last weekend, I paid close attention to what the guitarist was using. Here's the pedalboard he had.

You'll notice that it's a lot fewer pedals than my board. He had his own guitar tech at the venue, but didn't use all that many pedals. Talking to him afterwards, he felt like that was still too much to be practical most of the time. He wanted to scale back even further but wasn't sure which pedal(s) to drop.

Now, before you go too crazy saying he must have had a lot built in to his amp head or some rackmount gear off stage, here is the rest of his setup.

Orange doesn't put much as far as effects in their heads, and all he had in his rack was a tuner and his wireless receiver. I wouldn't call that overkill either.

And finally, before you say, "Well how do we know this is a real musician and not some poser?", here is the person that plays this rig.

That's right, this rig belongs to none other than Tommy Gibbons of Tantric. For someone with such raw talent and great tone, seeing how simple his rig is really makes me realize one thing. Mine is very complicated... but I'm also not looking for just "My tone". I play in cover bands, so I need to find a lot of other people's tones as well, which tends to take more "stuff" to get it done.


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