New band, new songs, new outlook

So I'm trying to learn a bit of country. Yes, that's the one thing I never thought I'd learn, but this new band is just good enough at it without making it overly twangy that I can tolerate it. That said, only a few of the songs are country. Most are danceable rock... and anything from easy listening (almost jazz) to hard rock.

This brings on some new challenges.

The first is some new chords to learn. Lots of use of my thumb, and that was a new experience.

Second, I need to harmonize some of these songs differently than the hard rock and metal I'd been used to playing.

Third, I'm going to learn some saxophone parts on guitar. Yeah, that's much different. Nobody plays guitar riffs on a sax when they're playing solos, so weird progressions that I'll work on learning.

Anyway, that's my fun for the week. Saxophone and country. What are you working on?


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