Easily Installing Perl, PHP, and Apache in Windows

For many developers, running a simple web server on a windows box would simplify things a lot. I've been asked many times how to do that best. Well, my answer has been the same for a while now: use Indigo.

Indigo Perl installs Apache as a service with PHP and Perl support. You can install this right to your Windows workstation and be off and running in a few minutes. No more uploading a file and saying "Oops" when there's a typo. Install it and view your site on your own PC before you FTP the files up to your web server.

I've installed this on a few Windows servers as well for some Intranet apps. It sure beats manually configuring things to run Perl, since that's the language I program almost everything in. Yep, I'm old school, but that's mostly linked to my past as a Unix sysadmin. Wow... that makes me really old school.


Anonymous said…
Have you tried other WAMP distributions?

I use the Web-Developer Server Suite.
Brian Mark said…
I haven't tried too many others.

To be honest, we've moved to VMWare lately in our office, so that makes for a much closer dev environment to what our actual web servers are. Thanks for the link, though.

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