- Sweet search idea!

As I'm trying to catch up on SEO Rockstars, I came across them mentioning's service that rates websites and the probability that they're installing spyware. I tried a search for "free screensavers" as a test (not that I know someone in that space or anything), and I see 3 of the icons showing just in the ads. Very sweet.

Not only is this an overlay over Google's results (not quite the same as going straight to Google, though - must be API results), but they also have the option for MSN or Yahoo results. It looks like they're also getting ready to roll out Ask results, and I hear there might be a toolbar for FireFox soon. They have the FireFox search plugin already, but a toolbar to tell you about the site you're on would be very cool.

I think we need to get some of our executives using this tool. That might make some of the IT job easier.


I sent this to Matt from our IT department, and he checked out the phrase "free antispyware". First off, there were some yellow question marks and one bug... but it also pointed out that the ads are targeted to New Jersey. That makes it appear that this is scraping Google and not using the API. I find that interesting.


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