Whatever happened to...

Whatever happened to all those reports that people were getting brain cancer from cell phones? I remember one that took only a matter of months to supposedly get a huge tumor. But that was before the whole ringtone craze, text messaging wasn't common, and cell phones weren't quite an "everybody" thing.

So what does this mean? Did phones get safer? Did some of those reports get disproved? Were they all hoaxes? Or was it all part of some "Master plan" to try to get us using hardwired lines again? Whatever it was, it seem that the trend has passed (thankfully), and we can get back to wasting our lives away on the phone from everywhere - not that anyone had been stopped from doing so by the news reports that were coming out during the height of the scare.

Sadly, this seems to be just like most things nowadays: We all ignored it and it went away.


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