Overwhelming response...

I posted on a couple of forums (both private and public forums) about the site-wide HTML validation service that I'm working on and mentioned here yesterday. So far, the response has been overwhelming. Of course, people want it to do everything imaginable out of the box, but most of the things that have been asked of it are in the plans for down the road. Most people are happy to hear that it's at least in the plans.

Now, as for pricing models, I have a lot of ideas there. Obviously this thing could get to be a bandwidth hog if I let everyone check every page of their site multiple times per day. So my plan is to have the free plan, the $5/month plan, the $20/month plan, $50/month plan and the $100/month plan. This will allow for different number of automated page checks per month based on the plan cost. Oh, and I plan on allowing to pay for 10 months for 1 year of service as well. But I'm not going to say exactly what's allowed for each pricing level yet. You'll just have to wait and see when I make the big announcement.

I'll also be looking for some forum moderators for the HTML Validation Help forum that will accompany the site. Anyone interested in assisting, let me know. I don't plan on trying to make it a high traffic forum, but rather a good caliber forum. But who knows... I may partner up with TWT to handle that portion of the service. I'll cross that bridge when I get there I guess. It'll just depend on the level of interest in the forum I guess.


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